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Our latest app includes an intelligent system to help you build meaningful habits, while understanding your progress.

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It seems like everywhere you look...

...there’s a new resource on building habits, achieving goals, or somehow fixing your life.

You can easily find articles, books, blogs, social media posts, videos, seminars, keynotes, mastermind groups, performance coaches, and more.

Clearly, there’s an abundance of resources, and each one might have some good advice and tips on how to improve some part of yourself.

But have you noticed...

...that the deeper you dig into what each of these resources is telling you, the more you’re left wondering,

What’s the right resource to listen to?

How do all of these resources fit together?

Is there a unifying vision behind them?

What do you do when the tips, tricks, and advice don’t agree with each other?

How do you stay on track?

Did the last resource that you used produce the lasting change and deliver the key results that you need and desire?

The But Did I Do It app...

...by Next Mountain, is an intelligent system that is designed to help you find the answers to those questions by looking within yourself, listening to your own voice, and feeling your way forward.

The process is straightforward

clarify your purpose

check for harmony across your current habits, goals, and purpose

choose the key habits that you need to support your goals and purpose

replace the habits that you no longer want

focus and work on building those habits

track your progress

But don’t be deceived.

Naturally, the process looks clear and easy in a list, but it takes work to achieve.

If you’re looking for an app to track a bunch of stuff automatically while you lounge around, then you need a different app. You can’t set it and forget it. This app is for people who want to dig in, get results, and build a meaningful life.

So, when you’ve decided to take control and achieve more than you thought was possible, then commit to it. We’ll see you on the inside.

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